Across the Universe

Notes to the loved, the lost, the wandering.

I realize you have a brother but if we don’t end up married, I want to be your best man when you do. 

I was just reminded by a co-worker, “You have to put things into perspective. Jobs come and go. People don’t.”

I wish I could tell you but I’m not sure if we’re speaking yet.

I’m starting to suspect that you actually do want more from me but you know you’re not in a position to reciprocate. That’s what’s holding you back. 

We are so opposite in all the ways that work together. Make no mistake, I still want you. I just want them too. 

I was wrong. It was a beautiful idea. Thank you for proving me wrong. 

Maybe that was a bad idea. I forgot how attracted I am to you. Now I want you and you’re possibly with someone else. This seems familiar. 

I love that I can make you feel something, even after all this time apart, despite your best intentions. 

The candles are mine now. 

It really does feel like we’ve known each other forever except we don’t really know each other at all. 

You wanted me to turn around, I wanted you to follow me. 

And now I’m starting to see you in the faces of random people I meet. 

We’ll never get older, you and I. We live in that moment, that night you showed me everything that mattered to you and then some. It took me too long to realize you were trying so hard to close off because you’d opened further than you meant to. 

I want it to be you. I want it to be me. I want us to just be. 

“You sigh, look away… I can see you clear as day.”

-Cage the Elephant, Cigarette Daydreams

We keep leading each other on tangents leading to rarely finished conversations. It’s frustrating but I kinda like it all the same. 

I really quite liked every moment of that. Even without that first kiss. That’s probably another pattern I should break. 

Best friend. Bestest friend. I think that title rightfully belongs to your pup but I appreciate the sentiment. 

I meant to post about how I think I’m doing life wrong, but I’m reminded of the past hour I spent laughing with you and so very much want to believe there’s something going right.

I’m almost afraid to post something about you here lest I somehow jinx us.

Oh that’s right. That’s what insta-crush feels like. 

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